It's hard enough growing up,and figuring out who you are and what on earth you wanna be,and it doesn't help when people are constantly cutting you down.
Anonymous asked:
"who is this friend? what is her name ? :D is she beautiful"

why don’t you ask her :D

Anonymous asked:
"selenamariegomezask < who is this girl"

my friend

Anonymous asked:
"i'm better for you, please broke up with your gf now"

mmm let me think -NO WAY

Anonymous asked:
"Mariya- weell i feel veeery sleepy and i can do this with days xD eat+bed+movies = PERFECT TIMEE XD"

me too twins

Anonymous asked:
"Mariya - lool me 2 xD haha so something neww"

uh no i ate too much that now i can only lay down in the bed haha

Anonymous asked:
"Mariya- noo dont hide i wont bite you xD sup"

just watching a movie and what about youu

"Hiiya :)"

"Hey there :)"

Anonymous asked:
"Mariya- aww love mod xD hahaha well how are you"

good thankss

Anonymous asked:
"Calling someone beautiful or baby does not mean he's cheating oh my god, why are people so stupid."

finally someone with a fresh mind