It's hard enough growing up,and figuring out who you are and what on earth you wanna be,and it doesn't help when people are constantly cutting you down.

So where are my beautiful anons ? Because it feels like my heart’s so lonely

thattnessa asked:

Really tired already.. gonna take some rest and then come back

Still my ask box is open and i’m gonna answer later

Stop hate and love more


Anonymous asked:
"Mariya- nuu no one hates you love!"

No not me but one person is getting hate for just talking to me.. that sucks

Anonymous asked:
"Mariya - whats wrong handsome :/"

Just don’t like seeing people get hate just because they’re talking to me ..

Anonymous asked:
"Mariya - awww little Jay <3 <3 xD so so cutee"


Anonymous asked:
"Brother brought home pizza! *happy dance* Anyways, I'm gonna go eat dinner ttyl - Kayla"

have a great pizza time dinner

"i don't know if that goes down as flirty and cutesy but no i'm not sure actually"

oh youuuuu

Anonymous asked:
"Mariya : ohh now im blush bc of youu xD ;_;"

Anonymous asked:
"I give up on trying to talk to you the other anon was right you ditch and you only talk to girls who flirt with you"

it looks like i don’t get your msgs okay? i’m not ditching anybody .. god come off an anon.. i don’t ditch u i swear